28 January 2017

2016 Prison Diaries Entries and Commentary for Award Consideration

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Each 2016 essay on Prison Diaries could be viewed by clicking through the site’s archives but I have separated them out with titles and descriptions for easier navigation.


January 4, 2016:  Lest Ye Be (about judges who send disabled people to prison) www.prison-diaries.com/criminal-justice/lest-ye-be/

January 11, 2016:  Normal: All F’d Up (about prison incompetence)  www.prison-diaries.com/prison-conditions/Normal-all-fd-up/

January 18, 2016:  Ignore the Words (about how a guard showed the author that words can be meaningless if one’s actions aren’t correct)  www.prison-diaries.com/squaring-off-with-staff/ignore-the-words/

January 25, 2016: Uniformly (about weight gain in prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/uniformly/

February 1, 2016: Lawyering Down (about the lack of zeal in criminal defense for incarcerated and/or poor defendants)  www.prison-diaries.com/courthouse-battles/lawyering-down/

February 8, 2016: Slice of Life (about the phenomenon of self-mutilation in a women’s prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/mental-health/slice-of-life/

February 15, 2016: By Any Other Name (about nicknames in prison and why we have them)  www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/by-any-other-name/

February 22, 2016: Dude, Where’s My Appeal? (on the decision from the Supreme Court of the United States that holds that prisoners cannot represent themselves in their own appeals)  www.prison-diaries.com/courthouse-battles/dude-wheres-my-appeal/

February 29, 2016: Black Mold Matters (an illustration of the environmental hazards of a prison) www.prison-diaries.com/health-problems-in-the-clink/black-mold-matters/

March 7, 2016: Into the Lives of Others (about how codependence and pathologically putting others needs first isn’t always a virtue and can land someone in prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/is-it-just-me/into-the-lives-of-others/

March 14, 2016: The Unnerving Presence (on how the author’s newspaper column gets suspiciously cancelled)  www.prison-diaries.com/squaring-off-with-staff/the-unnerving-presence/

March 21, 2016: Taste and See (about poverty’s effect on taste and how it anchors some women socioeconomically)  www.prison-diaries.com/is-it-just-me/taste-and-see/

March 28, 2016: Search Party (about violative strip searches)  www.prison-diaries.com/prison-conditions/search-party/

April 4, 2016: Dollar Bin Divorces (on marriage and prisoners) www.prison-diaries.com/is-it-just-me/dollar-bin-divorces/

April 11, 2016: You Are What You Own (about the emotional strain of being separated from your physical belongings)  www.prison-diaries.com/criminal-justice/you-are-what-you-own/

April 18, 2016: Hoe (about the prison’s gardening program)  www.prison-diaries.com/manufacturing-criminals/hoe/

April 25, 2016: Being Straight About the Jacket (about the author’s attachment to a certain piece of clothing and not knowing if she would see it again)   www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/being-straight-about-the-jacket/

May 2, 2016: United Colors (about white privilege in prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/Orange-is-black/united-colors/

May 9, 2016: Hay Fever (about the fecklessness of some inspirational quotes and materials in a prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/is-it-just-me/hay-fever/

May 16, 2016: I’m with the Banned (about how the author’s chapbook of poetry gets banned in the prison – even though she wrote it there)  www.prison-diaries.com/Squaring-off-with-staff/im-with-the-banned/

May 23, 2016; Rehabit (about how some people aren’t ready and cant handle substance abuse treatment) www.prison-diaries.com/health-problems-in-the-clink/rehabit/

May 30, 2016: The Five Stages of Grievance (about how the Prison Litigation Reform Act’s ‘exhaustion of grievances’ requirement is honored in letter but not spirit)  www.prison-diaries.com/squaring-off-with-staff/the-five-stages-of-grievance/

June 6, 2016: Tall Tattletales (about the temptation to snitch and the reason to do it) www.prison-diaries.com/manufacturing-criminals/tall-tattletales/

June 13, 2016: Spumoni Fashion and Other Nice Happenings (about how a warden doesn’t ever really get respect in a prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/safety-and-security/spumoni-fashion-and-other-nice-happenings/

June 20, 2016: Lawless America (on blaming victims and female prisoners’ histories of sexual abuse) www.prison-diaries.com/courthouse-battles/lawless-america/

June 26, 2016: You Here for Murder, Bozelko? (about the requirement that women in prison must have their appearances damaged or criticized)  www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/you-here-for-murder-bozelko/

July 4, 2016: Go Shorty (about how lucky the author felt when she was feted on her 40th birthday)  www.prison-diaries.com/prison-food/go-shorty/

July 11, 2016:  It Is What It Is (The First Rule of Prison Life) (about the moral complacency of some prisoners)  www.prison-diaries.com/manufacturing-criminals/it-is-what-it-is-the-first-rule-of-prison-life/

July 18, 2016: Don’t Ask Questions in Jail (The Second Rule of Prison Life) (about inquisitiveness in prisoners and when it’s helpful and when it’s redundant) www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/don’t-ask-questions-in-jail-the-second-rule-of-prison-life/

July 25, 2016: Karma Is a Motherfucker (The Third Rule of Prison Life) (about society’s addiction to retribution)  www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/Karma-is-a-motherfucker/

August 1, 2016: T.I.E. One On (about how to react to an abusive guard)   www.prison-diaries.com/Squaring-off-with-staff/T-i-E-one-on/

August 8, 2016: Sign Language (about how misinformation flows within a prison) www.prison-diaries.com/orange-is-black/sign-language/

August 15, 2016: Stealy Nerves (about the real problem of inmates’ stealing within a prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/manufacturing-criminals/stealy-nerves/

August 22, 2016: Nuts (about inmate hypocrisy when a guard gets hurt)  www.prison-diaries.com/is-it-just-me/nuts/

August 29, 2016: All Things Being (about the principle of equality in a prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/safety-and-security/all-things-being/

September 5, 2016: Doctissima (about how education provides little advantage within a prison at times)  www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/doctissima/

September 12, 2016: Omnia Vincit Riot (about how easy it is, ultimately, for prisoners to riot)  www.prison-diaries.com/safety-and-security/omnia-vincit-riot/

September 19, 2016: See How They Run (about how guards respond to various emergencies)  www.prison-diaries.com/safety-and-security/see-how-they-run/

September 26, 2016: In Low Places (about having or lacking friends in prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/is-it-just-me/in-low-places/

October 3, 2016: Power of One (about how high recidivism really is in a women’s prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/recidivism/power-of-one/

October 10, 2016: P-Word (about female prisoners’ use of the word “pussy”) www.prison-diaries.com/health-problems-in-the-clink/p-word/

October 17, 2016: Ten Pounds in a Five Pound Bag (about overcrowding)  www.prison-diaries.com/prison-conditions/ten-pounds-in-a-five-pound-bag/

October 24, 2016: Pretty Little (about how inmates lie)  www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/pretty-little/

October 21, 2016: Streak Free, I Can See (about how to read the criminal mind)  www.prison-diaries.com/prison-food/streak-free-I-can-see/

November 7, 2016: Sips Tea (about prisoners on the eve of an election affected by the Tea Party)  www.prison-diaries.com/is-it-just-me/sips-tea

November 14, 2016: We Are Out of Sweet Rolls (about a prison’s incompetence)  www.prison-diaries.com/squaring-off-with-staff/we-are-out-of-sweet-rolls/

November 21, 2016: Dry Your Drip (about the way in which the author had sinks in the prison fixed with one letter to the editor)  www.prison-diaries.com/squaring-off-with-staff/dry-your-drip/

November 28, 2016: Tooth Wisdom (about poverty’s effect on health care, particularly dental care, and how that is especially disempowering for small women) www.prison-diaries.com/prison-conditions/tooth-wisdom/

December 5, 2016: No Returns Without a Receipt (about an objective way to predict recidivism in a departing inmate)  www.prison-diaries.com/manufacturing-criminals/no-returns-without-a-receipt/

December 12, 2016: Broken Sorter (about the psychiatric profession’s inability to predict dangerousness)  www.prison-diaries.com/Health-problems-in-the-clink/broken-sorter/

December 19, 2016: Getting Carded (about Christmas cards received in prison)  www.prison-diaries.com/prison-conditions/getting-carded/

December 26, 2016: Baby, You’re a Rich Man (about how all we need to solve the problems of  www.prison-diaries.com/lessons-learned/baby-youre-a-rich-man



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